I'm happy to see you,
let's make a redigma

I am so thankful on the opportunity to work with an amazing people and amazing projects. I love to combine the wisdom of an old project with an excitement of a new one. Eventually all that matters is how I am going to create the next redigma.

“If I don’t have an ability to change a person’s life through a slight
modification of the element I could retire”

My name is Amir Shalev and I’m a Product Designer / Art Director who raised in Israel & constantly looking for new challenges. I graduated with a B.A design from HIT in Israel and since then for the past 5 years I had the
privilege of working with exciting and creative ideas. Currently
working as a Product designer in Israel. I am a speaker, founder,
designer, dreamer and volunteer.

I am the founder and the owner of Redigma, a graphic design
studio. A studio who creates solutions for brodcast, web and
mobile, currently I am working for Microsoft. My works is unique
while maintaing a clear graphic line with other products.

I love exploring new possibilities to implement my ideas into visuals,
so just recently added sketch 3 and the integration with zeplin to my
toolkit. (Do I really have to write Adobe ?) and of course my new